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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Featured Artists: Okay Go

I first came across the group Okay Go a few years ago when one of my physics students showed me this Rube Goldberg Machine in this video:

Then I watched this video with a bunch of dogs jumping around:

And I thought--this band is totally awesome!  So, check out their youtube station.

Featured Artists: Walk of the Earth

I first came across Walk of the Earth when someone showed me this youtube video of 5 people playing the same guitar:

Then I checked out their youtube station and I loved their style.  It makes me laugh.  It makes me smile.  They also participate in a lot of charities and such, and I think they are just plain cool all around.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Featured Artist: Lindsey Stirling

Ever since I first saw someone play I violin I have longed to play it to.  I love everything about violin music period.  Back in my teen years I often visualized myself playing incredibly beautiful music on my violin.... Yeah, I  had to imagine it because I didn't have a violin.  I was dirt poor and couldn't afford one.  One day when discussing music with my oldest sister I told her that I would really love to learn to play the violin. 

It just so happens that that same week my sister was having a conversation with a coworker about me and how I loved music and played several different instruments.  The first thing her coworker said was, "Do you think she would want a violin?"  As it turns out her uncle had given her his old student violin from back in the day and it was just sitting on her coffee table collecting dust. 

So, she gave it to me and I started playing it (without really having a clue as to how to do it) but I learned enough on my own to play some simple tunes.  When I went to BYU I took a semester long introductory violin class where my instructor told me my violin was a piece of crap and it was way too small for me  So, I rented one from BYU and I got quite a bit better. 

Well, I've still been dirt poor ever since then and haven't been able to buy a good violin yet and my son broke my old one so now I'm left without a violin once again.

So, what the heck does this have to do with Lindsey Stirling?  Well, she is an amazing violinist and performer.  I recently came across her breathtaking youtube videos where she does this sort of choreographed violin dancing stuff in some pretty amazing locations.  Her videos just take me back to when I was imagining myself playing the violin as a teenager and let's be honest:  I totally wish I were half as awesome as her.

So, check out her youtube page!

Feautured Artist: Jessica Frech

So, the other day my sister was looking at some youtube videos and she came across this one:

This music video puts the popular site People of Walmart to music.  Really, the pictures from that sight are not for the week stomached (i.e. those that throw up easily when they see nasty stuff) but this video crack me up.

So, after watching the People of Walmart music video I decided to check out the artist's (Jessica Frech) other work.  It looks like she's done a lot of videos based on suggestions from facebook fans.

So far, I think she's not only hilarious she has a real singing talent and an amazing voice.  Check out her official page.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who (2011)

Chords: C G D
As I try to sleep in the night
I see your eyes closed so light.
The look on your face brings me peace,
and I lean over to kiss your cheek.
And I'm so glad for you.
Who can heal my heart with a single touch?
Who could possibly love me oh so much?
Who? You!
Who's eyes are windows into heaven?
And who makes me feel like with her I am even?
And who brings me back to livin' again in Eden?
And I'm so glad for you. So glad for you.

-Danielle M. (©2011)

My Angel (2010)

C Am C G
In my hour of darkness my life’s become a fright.
I find myself surrounded by demons of the night.
I pray to the Lord for mercy and light.
And the Lord sent me an angel with power and might.

My angel, my angel, my angel of light
My angel, my angel stay with me tonight
My angel, my angel keep holdn’ me tight
Am C Am C Am C G
My angel, my angel, my angel of light

I hide my face in shame from the painful mirror’s sight.
Can I see something of beauty not something of fright?

The way I’m feeling it just can’t be right.
Lord send me my angel again tonight.

To Chorus:

In her light I find my cure to pain.
What was once broken in me now is sane.
Her tears on my face are sweet heaven’s rain.
The Lord sent me an angel to show me who I am.

To Chorus:

-Danielle M.  (©2010)

I have heaven with you (2004)

C'è lo il cielo con te
Le stelle splendenti dei tuoi occhi
Mi dicono che vuoi star sempre con me
E quando non ci sono mi manchi
Il cielo è azzurro come mai?
Mi dici è perché Dio ci ama
E i tuoi occhi son azzurri come mai?
Ti dico è perché mi ama
C'è lo il cielo con te
Dammi la mano e non ti lascerò
La luce di Dio che trovo in te
Guidai miei passi come sole
Sei una stella brillante
Porti una luce bellissima
Sei la stella guidante
Nella mia vita sei carissima
Con te niente mi manca
C'è lo il cielo con te

-Danielle M. (©2004)

The Light of Stars (2004)

The Light of Stars

At night I look into the sky and see so many stars shining far away
But when I looked into your eyes the light of a hundred stars was shining my way
And I wished that moment would last far from the past and forever today.
Then I saw you only in my dreams where I told you all the things I always wanted to say
It’s as if I’ve known you somewhere before. I still feel in my heart, but the memories are hid away


Away to the land of my dreams
Away when nothing impossible seems
Away where the sun brighter gleams
Away where her eyes shine like stars and my dreams don’t seem so far away

I lied down and dreamed in the night, where I went to a land so glorious and bright
And there I saw your smiling face shining to me in a brilliant white light
But when I woke from my dream you were gone, but my memory of you did forever live on
And I won’t let it fade away.

To Chorus

Tonight I look into the sky and see so many stars shining far away
But when I looked into your eyes the light of a hundred stars was shining my way

When I met you I saw my dream brought to life
And I felt a love for you that would never die
Something in me that at rest did lay
Came back to me as an early spring day
‘Twas for you that my soul did long
And in you I found my harmony and song

Surly as I saw the sun shining bright, the feeling in my heart I knew was right
When my bright shiny day turned to night I looked to you and found my light
Now all but hope is gone. That hope for you I’ll still hold on
I wont let it fade away

Away to the time of my dreams
A day when nothing impossible seemed
Away where the sun brighter gleamed
Away where your eyes shined like stars and my dreams are not that far away.

-Danielle M. (©2004)

The World Sees a Great Light (2003)

A world in darkness sees a great light
And Babylon is falling
The heavens open to our view
For the kingdom of God is coming
Those who were blind now open their eyes
And they who were deaf hear His voice
Calling, “Come out of the world and follow me
And living water I’ll give unto thee”
And the hungered and athirst will never thirst again
For the bread of life will fill them forever with light in the kingdom of heaven.

-Danielle M.  (©2003)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ye Old Kinematics

Let me sing an ode to kinemat’ equations


Am open Em open Am open C (G) open Am open G (open) Am

Am Em Am open Am Em Am C G Em

v equals d divided by t, acceleration’s delta v over t (v=Δxt, a=Δvt)

1 chord progression speed up

Displacement is average velocity if you take it and multiply by t (Δx=vt)

v equals the initial velocity plus the acceleration multiplied by t (v=v0+at)

more chords

Displacement is v multiplied by t plus half acceleration times the square of t (Δx=v0t+12at^2)

v^2 equals v_0^2 with twice the acceleration multiplied by d (v2=v02+2aΔx)

more oh’s

-Danielle M. (©2012) 

Universal Gravitation

G D A Bm (use capo)

Isaac Newton went walking past some apple trees
Pondering the action at a distance force of gravity
Things fall to the Earth, but the moon stays in the sky
This confused Sir Isaac so he had to wonder why
At that moment an apple fell from a tree
Then Newton’s eyes could finally see that


D A Bm G capo 2nd fret

Gravity on earth is just like gravity in heaven
Big G is 6.67 times ten to the negative eleven

(Speed up chords)

Newtons times meters squared all over kilograms squared
Just in case you cared . . . about the units

Cavendish discovered with his great big lead balls that
Big G is 6.67 times ten to the negative eleven
After last repetition of chorus:
The moon is falling away
The moon keeps falling today

So to get the mass from the weight you just divide by 9.8

Newton realized the moon is falling too
Gravity attracts everything even me and you
All objects with mass are objects that attract
To them the force of gravity is directly proportional
Up until now I don’t think you cared
It’s inversely proportional to the radial distance squared

The further away the weaker the force
That’s obvious if you’re a physicist of course
The larger the mass the greater the pull
That’s why you weigh more when your stomach is full.
Thanks to Isaac Newton’s Universal Gravity
You can now enjoy your satellite TV

Danielle M.  © 2011

Newton's Laws in Motion (2010)

Capo on 2nd fret

do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

Newton was a guy a mighty strange guy a really weird scientific guy
He was antisocial and to diss' Descartes he stuck a bodkin right into his eye
Newton wrote some laws some mighty great laws laws you didn't learn in junior high

Bar chords
A C#min E A C#min Bmin
Objects in motion keep on going when no net force is upon them

A C#min G Bmin
The net force on an object is the mass times its acceleration

D7 A D7 A
F = ma F = ma

A C#min G Bmin
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

A C#min G Bmin
These are the laws of Newtonian Mechanics

A C#min E A C#min Bmin
These are Newton's three laws Make sure to learn them well

D7 A D7 A
F = ma F = ma

A C#min E A C#min Bmin
Objects in motion keep on going when no net force is upon them

D7 A D7 A
F = ma F = ma

A C#min G Bmin
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

D7 A D7 A D7 A D7 A
F = ma F = ma tomorrow and today F = ma

-Danielle M. (©2010)

Free Fall (2010)

(Sung to the tune of Tom Petty's Free Fallin')

She’s a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Mr. (pick the youngest male teacher in the school) and High School too
She’s a good girl who gets all A’s
Wishes her GPA could be 4.02
And it’s a long day in my Physics class
‘cause teaching projectile motion is oh so hard.
And I’m a bad girl, cause I confused her
I’m a bad girl for making her feel like a retard.

But’s it’s like free... free falling
The acceleration’s g in free falling
‘cept no initial velocity in free falling
All the ADHD students are wandering the room
Cause they’re so easily board.
And all the bad boys talking in the back
make the good girls’ grades fall apart

to Chorus:

I wanna drop an egg over (pick a trouble-maker that doesn't mind being picked on)'s head
I wanna write his name on the board.
I wanna teach free fall like it’s somethin’
Gotta leave this class for awhile.

To Chorus:

-Danielle M. (©2010)

Your Life is Worth Living (2010)

chords- -A G D A

Verse 1
The earth was the center and not the sun
until Galileo's work was done
The laws of physics were all in confusion
then there came along Sir. Isaac Newton

Verse 2
A poor book binder for which society did not care
but Faraday showed us light is everywhere
It was hard to know where bones were broke without surgery
now we see right to it thanks to Madam Curie

Verse 3
Edison gave light to a dark world
and Einstein showed us all in energy
Bell sent his voice across a wire
now you can send yours over every sea

Verse 4
You may not see now all that you can do
but there's something inside you could help so many.
A simple idea can change the world.
Your life is worth living--that you must see!

Bar chords- -A G D A
It's not about what you know
It's about what you do
Living a beautiful life is all up to you
It's not about what you have
It's about what you give
Each and every moment of the life yo u live
Stop telling yourself
you can't do what you can do
because you surely could if you wanted to

Bar chords—A C#min D A
So take whatever you know
and let it guide you where you go
to turn on a light in the dark
and show us we can go that far (Skip D chord)

-Danielle M. (©2010)

Zhetravan (1999)

This is a song I made up with a bunch of fake words for no reason at all:

Am Em Am C Em G Em
Cal tre dran o va zhe dal dra o ma zhe cal ma go van.

Am Em Am Em Am C G Em
Da dash o dan igre otro fan cal tre bash o iave iego frego dram

Am C G Am Em G Am Em
Zhetre iash o van igre otro fan va shego lam

-Danielle M. (©1999)

Title of Liberty (2000)

Em D C G
I see a tattered rag hanging on a pole
With thirteen stripes of red and of white
Fifty stars are worn and torn
And the blue sky is fading away

Now what do they mean when they’re talking about the American Dream

D_A_C_G_G_A_Em_ D_ C_B_A_ G_ E
When in the rain and the Darkness they let is fade away

They pledge allegiance with their mouths but their hearts don’t know why
For their homes and liberty would they die
We cannot let this land like a dead man lie
So let those stripes of liberty and stars forever fly

Now what do they mean when they’re talking about the American Dream
When in the works of their hands they take it all away

I took a brand new quarter out of my pocket and read those long forgotten words
In God we trust, there must be some reason why
Those words are still there and we cannot let them die

So raise that title of liberty in this land to keep it free from the chains of darkness
Don’t let it fade away!

-Danielle M. (©2000)

The Strings of Puppetry (2000)

E Bm D A
The puppet master carefully prepares his strings
Captivity with them he brings
He looks for them that will give
that of which he cannot live
He takes them and ties them on carefully
So that man cannot see
The instruments he uses to lead us away into illusion

And I will not be his puppet
I’ll not be lead by his strings
When he make it look like he has so much to offer
The toll of death he rings
I have already chosen to follow
The plan of truth
What you say I’ll not swallow
I’ll not give in to you

When the light of truth is shining in your eyes
Will you turn away and look to his lies?
When the Kingdom of God is at your right hand
How can you turn it away
If the puppet master is leading by his strings
Break those chains today

To Chorus

-Danielle M. (©2000)

Dream Holders (2000)

C G D Am
I look into my hands and see a tiny world

Am C G  Am
A world of pain and a world of doubt

C G D C (hold 4 counts)
A world of forgotten dreams that we need to let out

Am C G Am
In a world of sorrows we find true happiness

Am C G D
When our lives can seem so low we can live in sheer bliss

Am     G   C
We are the dreamers of the night

C G Am
The sears of the day
The holders of the world
The leaders of today    (pause on Am Chord)
We are the light of our world
The hope in a gleam
The rulers over night
The holders of a dream (pause on Am Chord)

C  G  D  Am
I see a world in chains they can’t unlock without the key
The way we see is plain, vision is lost in complexity   (Am C G D)

(Am C G D Am C G Am)
Break the chains or find the key but we must let our world free 
(Am C G D Am C G D)
Find the freedom inside ourselves to throw away our captivity.

To Chorus

The world may be dying and people may be crying
And the dreams we once had have faded away
But yesterday is gone and the future is uncertain
The only thing we have is today

To Chorus

 -Danielle M. (©2000)

Our Crying World (1997)

Chords Am C G

I see a child sitting in a dark corner
As a tear drips from her eye
She looks at me as if to say
“Please don’t let me die.”
The world dies while people play
Like there’s no tomorrow and no today.
They forget who they are and where they’re from
That bright land from which they did come.
They take right for wrong and say wrong is right.
Is this world’s day fading into night?

A child sits in a dark corner with a tear in her eye.
People pass by and see her but do not realize she soon could die.
Where is the rising sun to show us the truth?
When will they realize their will is dying too?

People laugh at what is right.
They praise the dark and shun the light.
They say that they cannot know any better from where they grow.
When I see them treat each other how they do
My heart weeps for them too.
They will never live the light if they will never see
They will never know themselves or who they could be.

To Chorus:

Sometimes I feel like I too can’t stand then I remember my will is in my hand
The world will soon die. Will I stand or will I lie?
The sun soon will rise. By then we will have chosen our side.
Then will we remember who we are?
Then will they see you for who you truly are?
A child sits in a dark corner with a tear in her eye. She is cold and afraid that she will soon lie down to die. A worried man stops and sees her there huddled in fear.
He says, “Do not worry your father is now here.”
Then will they see the morning sun that fills them with the light of truth.
Then will they realize their hearts were crying too.

-Danielle M. (©1997)

My Honey (1998)

"Oh honey, you are so beautiful!" -Mr. Bee
Chords AGDA

Seeing you again brings back so many memories
things of the past I thought were forgotten
Flowing golden brown glistens in the sun
I remember times with you when I had so much fun.

Honey oh my honey you are so beautiful
Honey oh my honey you are so beautiful

You stick with me like peanut butter and jelly.
I don’t know what I’d do without you honey.
I see the stars glistening tonight
Nothing like your radiance reflecting the light.

To Chorus:

You are so sweet and never did me harm.
It’s a wonder you grew up on a farm.
The sandwiches you made for me were so delicious
without you my life would be hopeless

To Chorus:

It’s Sad to think that you soon will be gone
But my memories of you will forever live on.

To Chorus:

-Danielle M. (©1998)

Idiot Box (1998)

I see a glowing box; it shines into my eyes
The things it shows me are quite the surprise
Its glow was so peculiar I did not want it to end
It seemed so familiar I thought it was my friend.
They sit and they see what they think they want to see
They think that's it all that they can be

Bar A Bar G
Bar A Bar B7 Bar D Bar A
So sit down to your idiot box
While it flashes pictures in your mind and talks
Of things and places you only dream to be
It lets you behold a whole world you think is real
But there's one thing you don't know; you don't know your deal

Bar A Bar G
In return we
Give our time
Give our mind
Give our lives
Give it up as your world dies

Bar A Bar G
Bar A Bar B7 Bar D
And you think it's all great
And you don't care what you radiate
Just want to live in your happy state.

Bar A E G A
You don't want to know how they've sealed your fate
What is really in that glow; well my friend it's to late.
Bar A Bar G
If in ignorance you live
In ignorance you'll die.
When you look into the light
The truth is in your eye

So you sit and dwell in ignorance
While you could find out
Something useful about the world
You are trying to do without
I saw a glowing box; that blinded my eyes
The things it showed me where full of lies
It seemed so familiar I thought it was my friend
But that glow that was so peculiar could be our end.

-Danielle M. (© 1998)

Guard of Life (1997)

Chords Em G D C

Em Am sus1 Em
I had a dream in which there was a door.
I opened it and could see nothing more.

Em G D C
I dreamed warnings; I dreamed things that would happen.
I dreamed the future; I dreamed the past.
I dream so many things that will not last.
I see a buffalo; I don’t fear him.
I see an old barn; I am compelled to go.
The buffalo charges me, and now is gone.
I see a faceless knight; he rides upon pure darkness.
He charges at me with a feathered spear.

Em D G D Em
Where is the buffalo? Where has he gone?
Who will have us before the sun’s dawn?

I see a hollow man, good has all but left his dying face.
I see a barn full of those souls that have lost their place.
Two choices now, follow him or go back home.
Am I here to lead or follow?

To Chorus:

In the middle of two armies I stand.
An army of truth and armies of lies.
I don’t know what is happeing.
I don’t know where to go.
If only I could still see the buffalo.

To Chorus:

The buffalo used to roam across this land.
Now they are gone because of man’s hand.
Where are the buffalo?
Where have they gone?
Who will save us before the sun’s dawn?

Em Am sus1 Em
I had a dream in which there was a door.
I opened it and could see ever more.

-Danielle M. (©1997)

Follow the Light (1998)

Dm C F C

I have looked into the sky and seen the light of day
The fear I once had has been chased with the clouds away
This feeling inside me I could not let go
I needed you to show me what I already know

The road to salvation in a freeway
On the world in our hands and its there to stay
I’ll not forget what you’ve done for me
You opened my eyes so I could see
You closed my doubt and chased my fear away
Then you’d look at me and say it will be all right
It will be okay just follow the light

You looked at this world and told me its day is fading to night
I looked at this world and told you back, it will be all right
When you told me goodbye and I held you with a tear in my eye
You looked at me and asked me if you were going home
While looking at you yes is all I could say
As you took your last breath I had a feeling in my heart
That this life doesn’t end at death, and I’ll see you again some day.
Then you looked at me as if to say it will be all right
It will be okay just follow the light

To Chorus

In this dying world I could not save you no matter how I tried
When you left this world my eyes were so dry it was the only time I cried
But I remember when you would say it will be all right
It will be okay just follow the light

3rd Chorus
The road to salvation is a freeway
On the world in our hands and its there to stay
I’ll not forget what you’ve done for me
You opened my eyes so I could see
You closed my doubt and chased my fear away
Don’t you worry today it will be all right
It will be okay just follow the light

-Danielle M. (©1998)

Far Away (1999)

Em G Em Am Em G

A long time ago people used to dream of things they did not know
In a land far away people used to see things that they could not show
Everyone wore lots of clothes and smiles on their faces

Em G D
And everyone thought that life was great
Far away


Em D E G D Em
Far away no one lives in cardboard boxes
Far away everyone wears white sox and
Far away all people have smiles on their faces
Far away old people don’t need pacemakers
Far away

Em rif

Long ago all packages came rapped in brown paper
In a land far away people used to sing and dance and play
No one had problems with genetic engineering
And everyone knew what was in what they ate
Far away

To Chorus

-Danielle M. (©1999)

Faded Smiley Face (1998)

Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy
like the only things that’s real is the writing on the wall.
Other times I feel like life is going too fast
Like time flew so far it crashed into the sun


Where is the smiley face I used to show that’s faded away?
Where is the rising sun that shined before but now is gone?
Am I going crazy, or am I just lazy?
When will never be now? Never then nor now!

I feel like I am somehow alone
Like ET without his little phone
I am living in a cardboard box of a town.
It makes me want to frown.
It’s full of cows and hicks that roam around.
I’d rather be a clown

To Chorus:

Where is the happy song I used to sing but now it went wrong.
One day I woke up and I realized
“Hey I’m not dead; I’m alive!”

Where is the smiley face? It’s beached on my shirt that faded away?
Where is the rising sun? It’s setting in the west; it’s not gone.
Never will never be now. Neither will it be then or now.
What is with that brown cow?
I think I’ll stop singing now... Yeah.

-Danielle M. (©1998)

Carry the Sun (1999)

Chords: Bm D C Bm G D

I sit on the curb of a broken road, and bow my head.
Things that were alive, now are dead.
My light begins to fade, then I see
Someone handing a little sun to me.

The happy carry the sun
across the broken road
we live our heart’s moment on.
And life will carry on
across this broken world
as the wind blows along.
While the world is whispering you do belong.

We see the same sun when it shines
through our eyes we can see
windows into our minds.

To Chorus

Everyone can enjoy the sun when it’s there,
but only a few bring it to those
who are without.

To Chorus

-Danielle M. (©1999)