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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dream Holders (2000)

C G D Am
I look into my hands and see a tiny world

Am C G  Am
A world of pain and a world of doubt

C G D C (hold 4 counts)
A world of forgotten dreams that we need to let out

Am C G Am
In a world of sorrows we find true happiness

Am C G D
When our lives can seem so low we can live in sheer bliss

Am     G   C
We are the dreamers of the night

C G Am
The sears of the day
The holders of the world
The leaders of today    (pause on Am Chord)
We are the light of our world
The hope in a gleam
The rulers over night
The holders of a dream (pause on Am Chord)

C  G  D  Am
I see a world in chains they can’t unlock without the key
The way we see is plain, vision is lost in complexity   (Am C G D)

(Am C G D Am C G Am)
Break the chains or find the key but we must let our world free 
(Am C G D Am C G D)
Find the freedom inside ourselves to throw away our captivity.

To Chorus

The world may be dying and people may be crying
And the dreams we once had have faded away
But yesterday is gone and the future is uncertain
The only thing we have is today

To Chorus

 -Danielle M. (©2000)


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