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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Angel (2010)

C Am C G
In my hour of darkness my life’s become a fright.
I find myself surrounded by demons of the night.
I pray to the Lord for mercy and light.
And the Lord sent me an angel with power and might.

My angel, my angel, my angel of light
My angel, my angel stay with me tonight
My angel, my angel keep holdn’ me tight
Am C Am C Am C G
My angel, my angel, my angel of light

I hide my face in shame from the painful mirror’s sight.
Can I see something of beauty not something of fright?

The way I’m feeling it just can’t be right.
Lord send me my angel again tonight.

To Chorus:

In her light I find my cure to pain.
What was once broken in me now is sane.
Her tears on my face are sweet heaven’s rain.
The Lord sent me an angel to show me who I am.

To Chorus:

-Danielle M.  (©2010)


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