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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Free Lunch Today (2011)

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I just updated this recording today

Capo on 5th fret

G G+ Csus Csus+
Em Am C G
When I think of this world and all that we have
I wonder how long can we go on
Burning up all our oil to fuel our needs,
Massacring all of our bugs and killing our trees.
What we take from life we soon throw away.
Will it be here tomorrow if we don't care today?

Our new technology becomes tomorrow's trash
Putting more mercury in all the fish we catch
Throwing a little garbage on the ground doesn't seem so bad
Until you can't walk on the beach without stepping on crap.
It's true global warming might catch up with us someday
But pollution's giving us cancer and making it hard to breath today.

Improving out lives can't come without cost.
Every time you gain something another things is lost.
Trying to feed all those who stand in need,
Engineering all of our crops with modified seed.
Can we rebalanced life? We must find a way.
Will Earth forgive tomorrow what we've done to her today?


G G+ Csus Csus+
Everything that is will always go on (1st singer)
Cause energy's forever it's always conserved (2nd singer)

Life never ends it only changes form (1st sings as 2nd sings previous line)

'cause conservation of energy's a physical norm. (both sing together)

When a ball falls to the ground it gains speed (1st singer)
If you want a piece of paper you've got to kill a tree. (2nd singer)
You must take from something to satisfy a need (1st sings as 2nd sings previous line)
No form of energy comes for free. (both sing together)
Danielle M. 2011


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