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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rainy Day - Revised

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Chords D A G D – D A Bm G D (chorus)

I’m walking down a muddy road again. I’m walking down all alone again.
As I look into the sky, the rain falls in my eye, and I can’t tell if I’m crying anymore.
All the birds have flown home with their songs. I’m sad but I don’t even know what’s
wrong; but maybe not, maybe I just forgot, that I was happy all along.

I look into the gloomy sky and my dry eyes long to cry
and heaven sheds its tears for mine when I can’t shed them for you.
And I ponder all creation as I look across the world. I wonder what someone l
as small as I could do.

As I’m feeling sorry for my self, I look and see someone else
that the world has left all alone
The rain drips from her face, her tears take its place
and she feels like she can’t go on.
I bring myself to ask her what’s wrong, and she wonder why a stranger would care.
And I say,
Maybe, I’m not, maybe I just forgot that I’ve known you all along.

Modified Chorus
Look into the sky, and bid your sadness goodbye
and let the sun shine brightly again on you.
And ponder all creation, and there’s nothing more to do
than plant your broken dreams and grow something new.

-Danielle M. (©2013)


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